This is a cooking competition designed for my online followers. I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes that are in the Boardroom to the Kitchen cookbook that will go on sale this December.

As we wait in anticipation for my cookbook launch, I have decided to do something exciting for my online friends. For the next few months, Boardroom to the Kitchen will be running a cooking competition both on Facebook and Instagram.

How it works:

  1. I share a recipe with the Boardroom to the Kitchen followers both on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Followers are given 8 days to cook the exact meal using the recipe & instructions shared.
  3. Participants on Facebook will enter the competition by posting their photo(s) of the meal in the comments section.
  4. Instagram participants can upload their meal(s) either on their stories or timeline and tag @boardroomtothekitchen page.
  5. I will choose the most presentable meal.
  6. The winner(s) is/are randomly selected.

Terms and conditions:

May the best cook win!

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